Wi-Fi Display Sharer

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I was tired of watching videos, movies and pictures on the small screen of my laptop; I was hoping if I could find some gadget using which I can watch multimedia content on the brilliant high definition television. My wish came true when I found this latest creation of technology, RuiQ PTV-Series DLNA Display Receiver Dongle Display Sharer that works on Wi-Fi technology. Available for just US $59.70, this display sharer comes with a USB power cable and a HDMI power cable. This product is built out of plastic material of high quality. It uses the DLNA protocol, like other PTV products, to wirelessly transmit the data.

I was amazed to see the videos, pictures, audio piece and movies stored in my smart phone on the big screen of my high definition television; trust me it gives a pleasure to watch your favorite serial with high definition clarity. The product is capable of projecting the data from a smart mobile, tablet computer or a laptop through the wireless way onto a HD screen or a projector with resolution up to 1080P. I now have the liberty to surf internet, play online games or watch an online video on the big screen in real time.

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Wi-Fi Display Sharer

Clapper Board Desk Wall Calendar Clock

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Looking at the artistic electronics in the market these days, I really wonder how the designers get such creative ideas. A live example is the unique Film Clapper Board Desk Wall Calendar Clock. This amazing clock can be mounted on the wall and can be used as desk clock as well. Beautifully designed in the Film Clapper Board style, the product comes with an alarm clock as well. It comes with a feature of in-built rechargeable battery that can be charged using the USB port. It displays the time in hour, minute and seconds format; apart from the time it also displays the current date.

With all these advantages, you can get this product for a price of US $31.20. Use this in the shelf of your living room or the desk of your bedroom; trust me it will definitely make the heads turn. When I first saw this clock, I thought it is a real Film Clapper Board. So you can imagine the finesse with which it is designed; highly appreciable!

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Clapper Board Desk Wall Calendar Clock

The Universal Waterproof Protective Case for your iPhone

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Another great creation in the world of mobile accessories is the new AW-101 mobile phonen protective case which is totally waterproof. Available in black color, this universal protective shield is compatible to iPhone 4, 4S and 5. If you love going for water sports, this shield is the perfect product for you. Looking at its performance I will rate this product at 100%, it works amazingly in water keeping your iPhone totally shielded. It is made out of high quality PVC material which provided the electronic gadget a Life-proof protection. It has been tested to have around 3 meter of waterproof depth. Another great feature of this case is that it is not at all bulky; it keeps your pocket light. Apart from being waterproof, I was amazed to see that it keeps my iPhone away from dirt as well.

You can buy this brilliant phone accessory just for US $12.80; provide an all-round protection from dust, moisture and scratches. You must be wondering if you will be able to take pictures with your iPhone with this protective cover; the product comes with a transparent back which makes you capture the scenic underwater beauty. For your ease of carrying, it comes with a quality strap.

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Universal Waterproof Protective Case for

Texting Gloves Review

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Have you ever heard about Texting Gloves? Well, texting gloves are especially designed for times when you really need to use the touch screen of your smart phone but your hands are frozen out of the cold. During hair-raising winters people normally do not prefer using the touch screen phones, like iPhone, Android and other smart phones, when they are out in the cold. To help in such situations, we now have these texting gloves to keep the hands warm and efficiently use the touch screen. Normal gloves do not provide you this features; if you want to use your touch screen phone either you will have to remove them or bear the chill.

Although they look slightly small in size, especially for people with big hands, these are made out of full-stretch material. Put these texting gloves on and you can use all the features of your phone. You can even receive and even make calls with this efficient pair of gloves that is made out of super warm material. It comes in one form fitting which is suitable for all the sizes.

Price :US$ 4,99

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Texting Gloves

Shinco HC-913 Honeycomb Style Bluetooth Brass Speaker

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Gadget lovers always keep an eye on all the latest creations in the electronic market; for all such people we now have Honeycomb Style Bluetooth Brass Speaker HC-913. Shinco has designed this Bluetooth speaker especially for laptops. The speaker is named after the beautiful pattern used in front of this device. Some of the salient features of this device are:

  • This digital device which comes with Bluetooth function uses Bluetooth version 3.0 and uses a total power of 5W.
  • It operates within a range of 10 meters
  • It comes with build-in battery
  • Weighs as less as 370gms. Light weight and small size makes it portable and quite handy
  • This black colored gadget comes with built-in battery with a capacity of 1500mAh.
  • It supports answering phone calls on the speaker

This product is available for US $54.70; the classy looking device is worth every single penny you pay. Although it supports only MP3, WMA and WAV formats, this exceptional portable brass speaker provides high quality sound. It adds an element of aesthetic beauty to your house and fits fine in both modern and traditional interiors.

Price: US$ 57,26

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Shinco HC-913 Honeycomb Style Bluetooth Brass Speaker